Halal Monitoring Committee

The HMC was established to help ensure that all Muslims could be confident that the meat and products they consume are ‘genuinely Halal’. The organisation is an independent, not for profit, registered charity which monitors, inspects and certifies Halal products for the benefit of the Muslim community.

Today, the HMC is the most trusted organisation in the UK with the support of over 600 Mosques due to the rigid processes in place to ensure transparency of Halal products. Their high standards of Halal can be reflected by the repeated number of checks in place from the slaughterhouse to the outlets.

The HMC employs people in the capacity of inspectors and monitors, who work to operate the unique HMC monitoring system in a number of UK towns and cities on a daily basis. HMC also works with a number of abattoirs and processing plants in the UK/Ireland and further afield. These suppliers work under HMC criteria and inspection and are constantly monitored.

In addition, HMC monitors many UK retail outlets (butchers, restaurants/takeaways) on a regular daily basis. All to bring you Halal to your doorstep with confidence!

For further information see: https://halalhmc.org/